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About Us.


PapinoTies is a result of several agreements. At first, we both fell in love just before we graduated from the Academy of Art and Design where we first met. During our wedding preparations, we asked ourselves : how could we implement our signature as designers and make a true statement in such a special day. And in this very moment, the metal bow tie idea was born.


We are Michal and Bar, a jewelry designer and an industrial designer, married plus two magical kids.


With dedicated craftmanship we make limited editions of metal Bow Ties and metal Tie Knots. all in small quantities and one-off items. Every edition is an expression of many thoughts, ideas and passions which tells a different story. We collaborate with artists whom we share the same values and eager, and we celebrate by making art.


Every piece starts as a single sheet of stainless steel, plated with a thick layer of 24k Gold or Rhodium. In the folding process the surface gets a three-dimensional shape to get the best presence to weight ratio, so the piece looks and feels truly amazing on your neck.


All the metal pieces are being made by hand, packed, and shipped from our studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.


For all commissions and enquiries please Email us directly on

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