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Eyelash Viper tie

Eyelash Viper tie

Eyelash Viper tie skin


    This timeless designed contemporary jewelry is a must have add-on to your good old classic neck tie. It offers a modern interpretation for the regular fashion accessory. The artisanally crafted metal tie knot cover is made from a flat sheet of metal, folded by hand to an exceptional three dimensional shape. This folding technique allows a great presence with presice weight.


    ⋈ Brass, plated with thick layer of 18K Gold

    ⋈ Weight: 30g (Approx.)
    ⋈ Size: 2.3" / 2.2" / 0.8"  | 60mm/56mm/22mm (Approx.)


    ⋈  Metal Tie Knot Cover
    ⋈  Cleaning towel

    ⋈  Certificate of Authenticity


    PapinoTies Metal Tie Knot Covers are made from 100% Brass, with high quality plating.

    Apply perfume and cosmetics prior to putting on your metal tie knot cover.
    To clean the surface your metal tie knot cover, wipe with the soft buffing cloth provided.
    Keep your metal tie knot cover away from moisture as it promotes tarnish.
    We recommend storing your metal tie knot cover in a clean, dry place.